Monday, December 29, 2014

DIY Christmas (or anytime) Gifts for Dad

S loved getting these from L for Christmas and they were fun to make as well! S actually saw the idea for the butt print on Pinterest and made a gift request thinking I would never do it. Well I proved him wrong. 
The original idea for the Ninja Turtles can be found here and the butt print idea here.

We'll start with the easiest (surprisingly) one first. The butt print. My mom was shocked I did this and that I actually used L's butt, but it was actually quite fun. Had I used one solid color it would probably have shown up better but (pun intended) I wanted it to be festive. 

You will need:
Paint of your choice, I used acrylic.
Something to put the paint on that is butt sized. I just used a paper plate.
Card stock or paper
Paintbrush if you plan on painting the words.
WET WIPES!!!!! or washcloth

I wanted it to be festive so I spread red for one cheek and green for the other on a paper plate. Then got L down to his birthday suit. It was only slightly difficult to get him to sit down since he's more into trying to stand these days. Plus when you add in him sitting on something squishy, that doesn't help either. 

I made sure to do all of this very quickly and was going to be satisfied with the first print I got. I sat him down in the paint then quickly moved him to the card stock. Once the print was done I moved him face down to a towel to get him cleaned up quick. 

I used wet wipes but you could use wash cloths. Really make sure you are getting all the paint off since their skin can be sensitive, especially on the bum. He also got a bath once we were all done but the wipes worked really well for the time being.

The perfect butt print, but I'm a little biased.

Once the print was dry and L was all squeaky clean I painted on the words using a small paint brush. You can always adapt it to whoever you are giving it to as I did.

Ninja Turtles Handprint

You will need:
Card stock or paper
Paint (Green, Purple/Red/Orange/Blue, Black and White)

I actually managed to get two good handprints from L with green paint. I was originally going to make multiple superheros for this project, but two green handprints was all I was getting out of him that day. So I worked with what I had. I had to fill in a tiny bit on one of the handprints since two fingers didn't really show up. I just used a small paintbrush and filled it in using very light strokes.

Once the hands were dry I painted on the masks and the mouths. I did two coats of paint for the masks since I really didn't want to see the green underneath. 

The eyes and lettering were last. I didn't want to cover his handprints too much so I left the orange squares (like in the original idea) off. 

I would be lying if I said L really liked making them since by the time we got through the two handprints he was done with all these art projects, but I really think they both turned out great and S loved getting them! 

As always let me know what you think and Thanks for stopping by!

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