Wednesday, January 31, 2018

It's been too long!

So sorry for my sudden departure from blogging!!! I have taken on many new and exciting challenges and changes. I am now a full time stay at home mom and full time student. It's taken a lot of organization, drive, and help from S, who I couldn't have done all of this without.

Also in the post all opinions are my own, I am not being paid for anything in any of the links.

I am such a newb at the whole staying at home thing so I thought blogging about all of our adventures, successes, and even the failures might help others out there too!
So to start I am attempting, yes attempting, to do preschool with L who will be 4 next month (I can't believe it). So far I would rate the efforts as mildly okay. Our first day we just ran through some printables that you can really find anywhere, I have a bunch linked on Pinterest here. L lost interest after the fifth worksheet.

We have ventured out of the house and found some really great places! The first one is the open gym in Apple Valley. It wasn't too crowded, a tiny bit cliquey (but it was also our first time and I'm not the type to introduce myself cause I'm a chicken, I let my kid basically do it for me.), LOTS of equipment to use and overall a fun time. You can also read more about it here.

The BEST we have found has been Skyzone in Oakdale. The toddler times on Tuesdays are awesome! It wasn't busy at all when we went and the kids could bounce around and stay in the foam pits as long as they wanted, which for L was "awesome". It is $6 and the first time you go you have to purchase special socks for $2.50, but it was so worth it! As a parent you are able to purchase your own socks so you can walk in between the trampolines to get to the kids if need be. You can also pay to jump your self, which I did not do. The best part is you can reuse the socks. I just keep ours in a gym bag we bring with and put them right back in when we are done. If your child loves staying in the foam pit like mine a few tips: 1) have them wear something that will not pill because you will end up with a lot (or obviously something you don't care if it does), 2) I will probably end up replacing his socks after the 3rd time as the pill as well and my OCD can't handle it. There are other times for older children as well (we haven't gone yet so I can't say if they are busy or not), will post link on both times. There is dodge ball there as well and thankfully most of the children are fairly young so they aren't pelting each other with the balls. Speaking of which, during times with multiple ages some kids throw harder than others and I had to warn mine that he may get hit with the ball, but he insisted on going (in case you're curious, he got hit with a ball. Thankfully he just gave the kid a look like what the heck and moved on.). You can read more about Skyzone here.

So far that has been the past month for us. I'm hoping to get in at least a post a week so come back next week!

As always any comments leave them below and thanks for reading!