Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bookcase Revamp

I did this project over a year ago, but found the pictures from the day we finished them and thought I would share.

These started off as cheap bookcases from Menards and when I saw the bead board panels I knew it would be perfect for this project.

The best part is that the bookcases were starting to get shaky due to lack of stability with the cardboard they include with the bookcases, so the bead board fixed that. 

I could have gone around the whole bookcase with the molding, but I planned on keeping them together next to each other. 

For this project you will need:
Bead board Panels large enough to fit the back of the bookcase

You will want to cut the panels to size for your bookcase, making sure you leave the full edge so you can nail the panel to the bookcase.

Before you nail on the panel you want to paint it first, mine were obviously painted white but I often want to go back and add a pop of color. This is always an option too.

The same goes for the molding, cut to size then paint.

Once the panel(s) and molding are dry nail the panel to the bookcase. Since this is more sturdy than the cardboard you don't have to use quite as many nails, I went every 4 inches making sure to get the nails centered on the edges.

You can nail the molding on or use a wood glue. I nailed mine on to make it more stable when moving. Depending on the molding you select you may have to adjust it so the front of the bookcase and the back of the molding are flush. 

Take a step back and admire your handiwork! You can do some touch up with the paint and cover up the nails if you like at this point too.

I loved this project! It was fast, easy and pretty cheap to do and it looks great.

I originally had them out in our living room, but a couple months ago moved them to my bedroom to reduce the clutter of the living room. They are still sturdy as ever and look great where ever I put them. 

As always let me know your thoughts, feelings or even share your own handiwork. Thanks for stopping by!

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