Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Before and After Spice Cabinet Upgrade

This all started because I needed cinnamon. That's how most of my projects start, I can't find something, then I get frustrated and the next thing you know the whole kitchen has been rearranged. This usually works out in everyone's benefit, until someone else can't find something that is.

As you can see my spice cabinet was a hot mess. I don't know how I lived with it like that for so long. Every time we acquired a new spice it just got shoved in there. Eventually I would like to free up this cabinet for dishes, but it's located right next to the stove, is not very deep and fairly narrow so I have yet to come up with another use for it. Until then a spice cabinet it shall remain.

So much better! I used my label maker to label the tops, making sure all the spices could still be opened and with some of them making sure both sides of the flip top could be opened. The way I stacked them allows me to grab a spice and just put it on the top rather than a specific place and I can still find what I'm looking for.

Overall it works but could always be improved. Make sure to check back for my pantry overhaul.
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