Monday, January 12, 2015

Pancake and Jar Baby Food Finger Pick Ups

L has finally really started to get into finger and table foods lately. Which is great, except for the fact I have half a shelf of jarred baby food in my pantry. One day while making L pancakes for breakfast I decided to try adding baby food to them. It was a success, he gobbles them up even more with the added flavors. 

All I did was add pancake mix (or you can make your own) and the jarred baby food (3.5 to 4 oz. size) to a bowl, then slowly add water. You want it to be just a bit thicker than you would normally make the batter. They turn out nice and fluffy. Once they have cooled off I just rip them into quarter sized pieces and place them on L's tray. 

Another idea I have found that works to use up the jarred food is adding it to instant oatmeal. We buy the fruit flavored kind so I just add the jarred fruit to the oatmeal and a teaspoon warm water and mix. You could also use plain oats if you don't like or have instant oatmeal. 

Have additional ideas? How did you use up your jarred food? As always share your ideas or thoughts and thanks for stopping by!