Friday, November 21, 2014


White crayon finally got to see the light of day! Today we did white crayon relief art. The basic idea is that you draw with the white crayon then let the child paint with watercolor or in our case food coloring and water.

Some people use ice cube trays, but I like to use small glad containers as I can have each color separate.

I only fill each container a small amount so that it stays flat in the bag making it easier to move around for L. I also take a knife or even hands and split the ice circle in half, and even that you could get a couple pictures out of.

For our pictures I decided to go with a snowman and a pumpkin for a fall and winter picture. Obviously I couldn't take a picture of the drawing since it wouldn't show up so I'll show you what it looked like after L painted.

The snowman is a bit hard to see since it was our second picture and L was ready for nap time by that point. As you can see the pumpkin got ripped, that was the last use of that bag and I think it got far too wet in there and the paper stuck to the bag.

This time I let L paint in his pack and play since it was close to nap time and I didn't want him getting overly cranky in the highchair. 

Once the paintings were dry I grabbed a glitter glue pen and traced over the crayon to make them sparkle. I also cut down the pumpkin to get rid of the ripped part. Here are our finished pictures:

I think they turned out pretty good and I already found some new ideas for future crayon/paint art. Give it a try, share your art or just leave a comment. L and I are always looking to hear from our critics.

Update: can now be seen on Hip Homeschool Moms
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