Friday, December 12, 2014

Tissue Paper Fluff Balls

I found these fun guys on Pinterest back in November and had almost forgotten about them. A problem I frequently have with Pinterest. Thankfully I was going through my Christmas board and found them all over again. You can find the original link here.

They are incredibly easy to make and depending on the tissue paper you use can really stand out. I combined them with my 3D Snowflakes to make my dining room more festive and help the lighting look a bit better till I can update it. And yes you will see from the photos two light bulbs are out, they refuse to work and I can't wait until we can replace that lighting fixture.

You will need:
Tissue Paper (7 sheets all the same size)
Ribbon or String

I have tried these in a variety of sizes from really tiny to large and the bigger, the easier it is to separate the sheets.

I happened to have some shiny tissue paper hanging out in the basement from a couple of years ago and decided it would work perfect for this project. My tissue paper was a bit wrinkled from being stored in the basement, but since you will be folding it that's ok. I cut all of my tissue down to the same size (I didn't measure it before or after so I don't know the exact size). I figure since you'll also be cutting off the ends, this was ok too.

Accordion fold the tissue paper going the long way.

Wrap your wire around the center and slip your ribbon or string through the wire for latter hanging. I used a small piece of clear tape on my wire just to make sure it stayed in place.

Cut the ends of your tissue to a point. This is where you can even it up if your wire was a bit off center, or your ends were kiddiwampus.

Unfold each end, it should look like two fans. I started on one side, pulling one sheet from each side of the "fan" at a time, then go to the other side. This is slightly difficult if you are a klutz like me, you can't see it now but I ripped one of the sheets slightly. You can hand fluff and shake them out to get them looking fluffier.

My finished decorations. I think they add to making the house more festive.

Let me know what you think, if you have made these or if you have any questions. Thanks for stopping by.